About Diana 

Diana Rilov opens the door to all, ushering even the most unlikely of students into the illuminating, life changing practice of yoga. With elegance, patience and wit, she charms even the best of us and before we know it, we’re hooked. 


She approaches her yoga practice as a “spiritual selfie” turning the gaze inwards to assist in organizing the chaos of the mind. She guides us to reflect on the inner landscape in order to transform both body and mind. Herein lies the magic. Herein lies her gift.


She is known for her intelligent, intuitive and inclusive classes tailored to each individual students needs and no matter how many students she’s leading, each class becomes a mini workshop, a thematic lesson, a holiday to distract us from the day to day and deliver us to a realm of thought and physicality. And while she is deeply rooted in the classics of Iyengar, she is unerringly modern and adaptive, tailoring poses to each student, constantly evolving. And never forsaking her distinct brand of humor that invites us all to relax into the practice. 


Seeking a physical practice that combined intellect, spirituality and emotion Diana became a practitioner of yoga nearly 40 years ago. Since then she has studied intently with many yogi's including Dona Holleman and Carrie Owerko who influenced the way she approaches yoga to this day.


Diana delivers decades of expertise and experience rarely seen in modern yoga spaces. Her approach is centered around her students, with the intention to bring out their best and help them achieve their goals. 



10:45am-12:00pm Exhale
6:15-7:30pm JCC

10:45am-12:00pm Exhale

7:15-8:30am JCC
10:45am-12:00pm Exhale
4:15-5:30pm Equinox West 92 Street

10:45am-12:00pm Exhale

10:00-11:15am Equinox West 92 Street
12:15-1:30pm JCC
5:30-6:45pm Equinox Columbus Circle

8:30-9:00am Meditation Equinox Columbus Circle
9:00-10:00am Yoga Columbus Circle
12:15-1:15pm Exhale

11:30am-12:45pm Equinox Greenwich



980 Madison Avenue NY 10075

Equinox West 92
2465 Broadway NY 10025

Equinox Columbus Circle 
10 Columbus Circle NY 10019

Equinox Greenwich
97 Greenwich Avenue 10014


334 Amsterdam Ave 10023

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