Every time I take her class I think, "I don't really need this, it's just stretching, I should be lifting weights"...and then 45 minutes in, this spiritual feeling comes over and starts healing me. I find I'm totally stretched out, blissed out, and really sore for 24 hours. So whatever Diana does, it's intese and kind of sneaks up on you. - Holly Peterson, Author

Diana Rilov taught me yoga. Every class she teaches is like a mini-workshop, physically challenging, intellectually engaging and filled with warmth and humor. She is the impossibly chic Jewish grandmother you probably never had. You can find her in New York City at Equinox or Exhale. Or at one of her incredible retreats in Tuscany. - Cindy DiPrima Morisse, Cofounder of CAP Beauty

"There is something about Diana. Something super special. From the first class I took with her, she moved me. The fluidity of her classes, her sense of humour, the care with which she looks after her students. And her no-nonsense approach of course! She is a constant inspiration for me and I am sure for countless others. I am immensely grateful for her workshop type classes that have improved my practice (and confidence) tenfold. She has been a huge support for me on and off the mat. I simply can’t wait to see her next, if not in NYC at her next Tuscan retreat!" - Anne V Muhlethaler, CEO