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10 Tips to revive a yoga routine

1. Listen to your body; be intuitive to your body. I don’t believe in restricting anything but if it makes you feel bad the next day, don’t do it again.

2. Stretch in bed before you get up, I can show you some simple stretches to do in bed.

3. Start moving your body while you brush your teeth, make your coffee. You can roll your neck, your ankles, starting moving gently.

4. Get into a routine of pausing work every hour and give yourself 5 minutes of stretching, you should set an alarm to start a routine.

5. Don’t over complicate it, use household items like a chair to stretch your back and hamstrings for example.

6. Don’t dive into the deep end, ease into 10-15 minute movement classes. It’s safer and you’ll feel so much better and crave longer classes.

7. Stay hydrated!

8. Pick a class and stick to it. Whether it’s morning or night, find your rhythm and ensure you always do that class at that time every week.

9. Allocate time and be present. If you know you have morning meetings, try practising in the evening to unwind with less distractions.

10. Be patient, everything takes time. It won’t all come back to you immediately, be kind to your body and be kind to yourself.

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