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Diana at Nadii Wellness Panel

Diana will be speaking at a panel for Nadii Wellness on "womb wellness for mental health," on September 26th at 6:30-8:00pm. Get tickets here.




About this Event

The voice of the woman is stronger than ever today! Each person has a different energetic chart for manifestation. We will discuss how you can look up your Human Design chart to understand these energies, enabling the women's voice and ultimately mental health status. We'll also learn about Womb Wellness through the practice of Yoni steaming. Receive a $75 nadii goddess swag bag and enjoy a tasting from Monty's Vegan Cheese and Plant-based GoodMylk at Clean Market.

The evening’s nadii goddesses will include Dr Miguelina and Dr. Griselda Rodriguez, Womb Healers, Pooja Kharbanda, Founder of nadii, and Diana Rilov, Meditation Practitioner.

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