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Vintage Diana

The word mindfulness is fairly new in people's lexicon. Mindfulness is a beautiful term; now it has become a part of the vocabulary. I am all about self-love and care, but what do you do for others is just as important.

This image was taken in Mexico City when I was twenty-one by the photographer Nadine Markova. Before yoga, I danced. I was always moving. Nadine saw my potential as a model and would dress me up in elegant clothes and makeup. Even though I wasn’t practicing yoga, yet I was doing utilizing the namaste pose- it was in my blood.

This is part of the same series taken by Nadine Markova in Mexico City. The jewelry was Nadine’s from North Africa. I was pretty much a hippy then; I wanted to travel and see the world, and back then, you could do that cheaply. One of the things I got out of modeling was I had the opportunity to see different cities.

I am happy that Yoga is now received, that it's not weird and cultish like it was when I did my first training. In the last fifteen years, you see people walking around with yoga mats and accessories. I like this, but I also am wary of it being a fad, it takes years of practice to become a yoga instructor.

This image was taken in Nadine Markova's studio for a promotion. I ended up staying in Mexico for three years. I loved cities, the towns, the culture, the color, and the textiles.

I have always liked to be comfortable in what I wear. I wear less color now than when I was younger, but I’ve always had a very edited, classic style. I also pay attention to quality, even if I am wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Since it was the 60s fake eyelashes, wigs, and lots of makeup where in style. The more drama, the better. 

I learned how to do my own makeup after a while. There were no makeup artists for models then, you walked around with your own book and your own makeup. It was a more permissive time.

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